Stapleton Education Consulting Services

Hello! Thank you for your interest in Stapleton Education Consulting. We’re excited to help guide you through this pivotal time!

Over the past several years, it seems as if the college admission process has become increasingly competitive and complex. With online applications, restructured standardized tests, countless college guides, and the explosion of internet-based resources for everything from virtual campus tours to scholarship searches, it is no wonder that students and parents can quickly become overwhelmed.

But college applications do not have to be so stressful. On the contrary, the application cycle can be a positive and rewarding experience. It is a time for students to reflect on their interests and passions, and to begin to really think about their future. With over 2,200 accredited four year colleges and universities in the United States, the right school is out there for just about every student.

At Stapleton Education Consulting, we are dedicated to maximizing students’ chances for admission to the school of their choice, while at the same time reducing the complexity and stress of the process.

We offer comprehensive one-on-one college consulting programs for students beginning as early as sophomore year, and additional hourly consulting services for students as early as the eighth grade. Our programs are designed to ensure that students and parents fully understand the requirements and nuances of the college application process.

Please feel free to browse our site for more details about our services, our background, and key college admission resources.  For further information, for questions or comments, or to schedule a meeting, please call us at (650) 949-1821, or e-mail info@stapletonconsulting.net.